September 15, 2010

why 21st century literature?

passions. we all have them. as a writer we would all hope mine would be writing, and hey, you’re right, but literature is something i lust after. after a long day of scribbling with my pen, or typing on my mac, i grab a cup of hot green tea and indulge in a good book. of the 21st century literature genre to be exact. growing up we learned of hawthorne, shakespeare, fitzgerald, and although definitely classics, will they still be classics for our kids? or our kids, kids, kids, kids? maybe. but as an avid reader and lover of new age lit, i thrive in the idea that even books written post 2000 have a lot to offer and information that can be taught. maybe we will learn a new-age iambic pentameter, or maybe not. maybe we will just learn to be enlightened by the fresh ideas of 21ST CENTURY LITERATURE.

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