November 3, 2010

Online Publishing: Friend or Foe?

Today, well about a half hour ago, I finished the process of publishing my own book through the website Since I'm a student, I found this to be extremely helpful and a great way to display my writing; this like a portfolio. I carefully edited and revamped all of my writing since my first day of college, and bam, 70 pages later, I had all of my favorites in a cute little book. Although this was very beneficial for me, as a student, I am contemplating the idea of this as a whole. Is this taking the credit away from authors who may have spend years trying to get their work published? I feel that maybe this is so. Through lulu, and other sites like it, any fairy tale or non fiction drama I concoct can be published that day if I wanted to. Do books through the lulu publishing site sell like any other "professional" publishing company? Of course not. But still, the idea of easy, breezy, beautiful, publishing seems a tad too easy and unfair to me, that is, unfair if your lulu book hits the New York Time's Best Seller List the next morning. I am an inkling it may not. What do you think?

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